Don Andrews

Donald Clarke Andrews (born April 20, 1942, as Vilim Zlomislić) is a Canadian white supremacist. He is the leader of the Nationalist Party of Canada and a perennial candidate for mayor of Toronto, Ontario. Zlomislić was born to Croat parents in the region of Vojvodina during World War II. His father was killed by the Nazis while fighting with the Yugoslav Partisans against the German occupation of Yugoslavia in late 1944. His mother, Rose, was shipped to Germany in 1943 to work as a slave labourer for the Nazis and Vilim was placed in an orphanage. In 1945, Rose was told that her son had been killed in an air raid. After the war, she met and married Frederick Andrews, a Canadian working for a United Nations agency in a German displaced persons' camp. The couple moved to Toronto. Vilim remained at the orphanage and was a member of the Communist Young Pioneers in the post-war Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. He suffered an accident during a camping trip and a botched operation on his leg left him limping and permanently disabled. His mother continued to search for him after the war through the assistance of the Red Cross, which located Vilim in 1952 and brought him to Canada where he was re-united with his mother and re-named Donald Clarke Andrews. In Canada, Andrews developed a strong antipathy toward communism, which he blamed for his physical disability. After graduating from high school he began reading far-right tracts by the John Birch Society and George Lincoln Rockwell and adopted far-right and ultimately fascist ideas. Andrews was educated at R. H. King Collegiate Institute in Scarborough, Ontario and subsequently took a public health inspection course at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute and earned his qualifications in 1964. He worked as a public health inspector in Scarborough in the 1970s. More recently, he has derived his income by being a landlord. In the 1960s, Andrews was drawn to far right groups and cofounded the Edmund Burke Society with Paul Fromm and Leigh Smith in 1967.
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