Scott Lobdell

Scott Lobdell (ˈlɒb'dɛl; born 1960) is an American comic book writer and screenwriter known for his work on numerous X-Men series for Marvel Comics in the 1990s, various work for DC Comics in the 2010s, namely Red Hood and the Outlaws, Teen Titans, and Superman, and comics for other publishers, including the Hardy Boys: Undercover Brothers series by Papercutz or Fathom by Aspen MLT. He also wrote the script to the 2017 slasher film Happy Death Day. Lobdell began reading comics at 17 and started his writing career in college. He became known for his work on Marvel Comics' X-Men-related titles in the 1990s, including Uncanny X-Men, Generation X, Excalibur, and X-Factor. Lobdell wrote for other Marvel series, such as Daredevil, Alpha Flight, and Iron Man, and addressed the HIV/AIDS epidemic through the Northstar character's coming out storyline. He returned to Marvel in 2001 and worked on other projects like Stan Lee's Mosaic and the Galaxy Quest series. Lobdell wrote for DC Comics, including Red Hood and the Outlaws, Teen Titans, and Flash Forward, but faced criticism for his portrayal of Starfire/Koriand'r. He has won industry recognition, including a nomination for the Comics Buyer's Guide Award for "Favorite Writer" in 1997. Lobdell faced controversy for a Twitter incident with Ron Marz and for sexually harassing comic book artist/writer MariNaomi during a panel at Long Beach Comic Con. Lobdell did not begin to read comics until he was 17 years old, while lying in bed after lung surgery. Later, he went to college to study psychology, but quit two years later when he began to write. While in college, he wrote for the college newspaper and interviewed Marvel editor Al Milgrom. Lobdell started submitting various stories to Marvel, but was systematically rejected by various editors, including Tom DeFalco. Later, DeFalco started editing Marvel Comics Presents (a bi-weekly book) requiring many writers, pencillers and inkers. Lobdell submitted a story about a character from Contest of Champions.
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