Six Dynasties

Six Dynasties (; 220–589 or 222–589) is a collective term for six Han Chinese-ruled Chinese dynasties that existed from the early 3rd century AD to the late 6th century AD, between the end of the Han dynasty and beginning of the Sui dynasty. The Six Dynasties period overlapped with the era of the Sixteen Kingdoms, a chaotic warring period in northern China after the collapse of the Western Jin dynasty. The term "Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties" (魏晋南北朝 [zh] ) is also used by Chinese historians when referring to the historical period of the Six Dynasties, although both terms do not refer to the exact same dynasties. Six Dynasties with capitals in Jiankang The six dynasties based in Jiankang (in modern Nanjing) were:

Eastern Wu dynasty (222–280)

Eastern Jin dynasty (317–420)

Liu Song dynasty (420–479)

Southern Qi dynasty (479–502)

Liang dynasty (502–557)

Chen dynasty (557–589)

Xu Song (許嵩) from the Tang dynasty wrote a book titled Veritable Records of Jia
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