Thirteen Buddhas

The Thirteen Buddhas is a Japanese grouping of Buddhist deities, particularly in the Shingon sect of Buddhism. The deities are, in fact, not only Buddhas, but include bodhisattvas and Wisdom Kings. In Shingon services, lay followers recite a devotional mantra to each figure, though in Shingon practice, disciples will typically devote themselves to only one, depending on what the teacher assigns. Thus the chanting of the mantras of the Thirteen Buddhas are merely the basic practice of laypeople. Funeral rituals The Thirteen Buddhas are also an important part of a traditional Japanese Buddhist funeral service, with each deity having a corresponding memorial service for the deceased. The thirteen in Japanese and Sanskrit and the corresponding date of their service after the death are:

Fudō (Acala), 7th day

Shaka (Sakyamuni), 14th day

Monju (Manjushri), 21st day

Fugen (Samantabhadra), 28th day

Jizō (Ksitigarbha), 35th day

Miroku (Maitreya), 42nd day

Yakushi (B

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