Elevation (Yonder Mountain String Band album)

Elevation is the progressive bluegrass debut album of the Yonder Mountain String Band. It was released in 1999 by Frog Pad Records, an independent record label run by the band. The album features appearances by bluegrass musicians Mike Marshall and Darol Anger. Track listing

"Half Moon Rising" – 4:31

"Mental Breakdown" – 2:57

"The Bolton Stretch" – 2:45

"Left Me in a Hole" – 5:25

"Darkness and Light" – 5:23

"On the Run" – 3:49

"Eight Cylinders" – 3:53

"40 Miles from Denver" – 3:46

"This Lonesome Heart" – 2:06

"At the End of the Day" – 3:38

"Mossy Cow" – 2:46

"High on a Hilltop" – 2:42

"To Say Goodbye, to Be Forgiven" – 3:41

"If There's Still Ramblin' in the Rambler (Let Him Go)" – 2:46

"Waijal Breakdown" – 6:22

Personnel Yonder Mountain String Band
  • Dave Johnston – banjo, vocals
  • Jeff Austin – mandolin, vocals
  • Ben Kauf
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