Old Hands

Old Hands is a progressive bluegrass studio album by the Yonder Mountain String Band. It was released June 17, 2003 by Frog Pad Records. The album contains thirteen tracks written by Benny Galloway, who also performs some of them with the band, contributing lead guitar, rhythm guitar, or vocals. He also designed the guitar emblem on the album cover. Track listing

"Pride of Alabama" (Benny Galloway)

"Hill Country Girl" (Bruce Allsopp, Galloway)

"Big Lights" (Galloway)

"Deep Pockets" (Galloway, Dave Johnston)

"Sleepy Cowboy" (Galloway)

"Train Bound for Glory Land" (Galloway)

"Wind Through the Willows" (Galloway)

"Not Far Away" (Galloway)

"And Going Away" (Galloway)

"Alone and Blue" (Galloway, Ken Spoor)

"Everytime" (Galloway)

"Winds O' Wyoming" (Galloway)

"Behold, the Rock of Ages" (Galloway)

Chart performance Album Personnel Yonder Mountain String Band
  • Dave Johnston – banjo, vocals
  • Jeff Austin &n
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