Green Left (Australian newspaper)

Green Left, previously known as Green Left Weekly, is an Australian socialist newspaper, written by progressive activists to "present the views excluded by the big business media". The newspaper was founded in 1990. Green Left is the de facto newspaper of the Socialist Alliance. The newspaper is a notionally independent Australian source of local, national and international news, and provides left-wing analysis and debate. In an editorial in the first issue, Green Left Weekly stated: This is a paper by and for the green and progressive movement. We would like it to reflect the movement in action and in discussion. We want to reflect the controversies and the concerns as well as the achievements and celebrations. Although the newspaper was initiated by the Democratic Socialist Perspective, the newspaper has been supported by a variety of groups throughout its history. In the early 1990s, Australian Democrats senators Sid Spindler and Janet Powell supported and sponsored the newspaper. Subjects of particular importance to Green Left Weekly include workers rights, refugees, women's rights, global warming, environmental destruction, Australian Aboriginal land rights, and foreign policy, especially Australia's military intervention in the Asia-Pacific region, the US led invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq and other forms of US political intervention overseas. In 2011, Victorian Consumer Affairs Minister Michael O'Brien asked the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) to investigate whether a number of groups, including Green Left Weekly, had breached secondary boycott laws by supporting the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement pickets at the premises of the Max Brenner chain of chocolate shops. The ACCC determined that the protests were not a secondary boycott. The newspaper strongly supports the socialist policy of Bolivia and Ecuador and the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela led by Hugo Chávez, and in the past opened a bureau in Caracas to improve its coverage of events there.
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