Inès Lamunière


Professor Emeritus

Architect EPFL SIA FAS, and previously Full Professor at EPFL, Inès Lamunière now heads with her partners:

dl-a, designlab-architecture SA, Geneva, Switzerland (

This internationally known architecture firm has taken over all activities in the domain of urban planning that were previously led at the LAMU-EPFL Laboratory.

The architecture of dl-a, designlab-architecture displays a dedicated commitment to context and sustainability at all levels, transforming these concerns into distinctive and atmospheric buildings. Their projects and buildings have been exhibited (La galerie d’architecture, Paris in 2010, and Istituto Svizzero, Milano in 2019) and widely published (Birkhaüser 1997, 2006, 2019, Archibooks 2010, Infolio 2011 and 2018).

Inès Lamunière was born in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1954. After studying architecture at the EPF Lausanne, where she graduated in 1980, she continued her training in architectural theory and history as a member of the Swiss Institute in Rome, and then became an assistant lecturer at the ETH Zurich under Professor Werner Oechslin. She co-edited the Geneva-based architecture journal Faces - Journal d’architectures from 1989 to 2004.

In 1996, 1999 and 2008 she was Visiting Professor at the Graduate School of Design, Harvard University.

In 1991 she was appointed as adjunct professor, Design Studio Master I-III at ETH Zurich and in 1994, as associate professor in Architecture and Design at EPF Lausanne. In parallel to her teaching and from 2001 to 2018, she set up and directed the research team and laboratory LAMU (Laboratory of Urban Architecture and Mobility – EPFL).

She was Chair of the Department of Architecture, EPFL, from 2008 to 2011 and Member of the Board of ARCHIZOOM, from 2008 to 2012.

She serves as Vice-President of the EPFL WISH Foundation (Women in Sciences and Humanities), from 2006 to 2016. And since 2016, Member of the Board of the Fondation pour le développement des arts et de la culture (FODAC) in Geneva.


2011 Grand Swiss Art Award - Meret Oppenheim Prize.

2017 Chevalier des arts et lettres, Ministry of Culture, France.

Main publications in architectural Design:

Joseph Abram, Devanthéry & Lamunière, Fo(u)r Example(s), Birkhäuser-Verlag, Basel, 1996.

Joseph Abram, Devanthéry & Lamunière, Pathfinders, Birkhäuser-Verlag, Basel, 2005.

Emmanuel Caille et al., Devanthéry & Lamunière, InDetails, Archibooks Sautereau Ed, Paris, 2010.

Anne Kockelkorn and Laurent Stalder, Devanthéry – Lamunière : images d’architecture / Deux entretiens, Editions Infolio, Gollion, 2011.

Inès Lamunière, It’s all about space, ISR, Milano, 2019

Main publications in Research :

Inès Lamuniere, et al., Le Corbusier à Genève, Payot, Lausanne, 1987.

Inès Lamuniere, et al., Das Wettbewerbsprojekt für den Völkerbundspalast in Genf, 1927, GTA-ETH, Zurich, 1987.

Inès Lamuniere, et al., Bellerive-Plage, projets et chantiers, Payot, Lausanne, 1997.

Inès Lamuniere, et al., Le Corbusier : la construction de l'immeuble Clarté à Genève, Cataloghi dell'Accademia di Architettura, Gustavo Gili, Mendrisio/Milano, 1999.

Inès Lamuniere, Fo(u)r cities, PPUR, Lausanne, 2005.

Inès Lamuniere, Habiter la menace, PPUR, Lausanne, 2006.

Inès Lamuniere, Green and Grey, Urban and Natural, GSD Harvard et EPFL, Cambridge et Lausanne, 2009.

Inès Lamunière, Objets risqués - Le pari des infrastructures intégratives, PPUR, Lausanne, 2015.

Inès Lamunière, Laurent Stalder, Teaching Architecture – A Dialogue, Birkhäuser-Verlag, Basel, 2018.

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