Laurent Tacher



Doctorat ès sciences (PhD) in quantitative hydrogeology, Neuchâtel university, 1992

Diplôme d’Hydrogéologue (post-graduate diploma), Neuchâtel university, 1988

Diplôme de Géologue (master), Lausanne university, 1986

Working experience

Since 1993, researcher at GEOLEP/EPFL in hydrogeology and engineering geology, including definition and funding of the researches. Author of many scientific publications and research reports about groundwater resources, aquifer protection, geothermal exploitation, landslides, mainly in the aspects of numerical and structural modeling. Scientific management of PhDs, postgraduate and master diplomas. Member of EPFL Environment doctoral school commission. Lecturer at EPFL and Lausanne/Geneva universities. Consultant at GEOMOD SA, Lausanne. Initiative and organization of the GEOLEP contribution to Swiss Virtual Campus “Natural hazards” (2002). Initiative and organization of the master in Engineering geology at ELSTE/Ecole lémanique des sciences de la Terre (2000). Consultant at International Geomechanical Commission about the hydrogeological impact of french nuclear testing in Mururoa (1997-1998). Lecturer at Neuchâtel university in pumping tests analysis (till 1998).

1991-1993: Private consulting

Conceptual geological models for NAGARA/CEDRA (Swiss society for nuclear wastes management). Pumping tests analysis in fractured media (software development) for « Centre de Recherches Fondamentales et Appliquées, Sion », Neuchâtel university and several private companies.

1986-1991: Assistant at Neuchâtel university, software development in quantitative hydrogeology. PhD dissertation: “SPHINX, a groundwater prospection simulation software”. Assistant at Lausanne university, Geological Institute, for several field trips in Himalaya, India.

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