Xun Liao


I'm a LCA sustainability consultant, focusing on R&D and applications of integrating LCA with traditional corporate ESG reporting and management, as well as bridging the gap between LCA, Supply chain management (SCM) , risk assessment and business sustainability investment and decision-making.

As a Marie Curie PhD fellow in EPFL, I'm working on sustainability (social/economic/environmental) assessment, design and optimization of different biorefinery concepts.

As a sustainability consultant, I'm researching and developing methodologies and tools for the following field:

  1. Corporate ESG and sustainability investment

-Assess and manage GHG emissions, Water and land, renewable energy, human health, Biodiversity, social issues

-Materiality, CDP report, GRI and other reporting initiatives

-Competitive advantage through investment in sustainability (ESG) programs

  1. Strategy, Supply chain management and risk assessment within the framework of Life Cycle thinking
  • Commodity, Supply chain, Operational risks due to regulatory, physical factors.

  • Life cycle costing

  • Risk assessment

  • Integration of assessment, optimization and management of supply chain, downstream and corporate operational data

I have many years’ experience in life cycle assessment, with expertise in water database modeling and assessment, energy analysis and life cycle inventory modeling. Worked with various industries, including energy, agri-food, packaging, tire, oil & gas, semi-conductor, pet food, pharmaceutical and textile sectors, for clients such as World Business Council for Sustainable Development, Mondelez, Kraft Foods, Nestlé, Michelin, Bayer, Pfizer, Huntsman, GE, Intel, and many others.

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