Michalina Wanda Pacholska


I’m quite bad at following a simple path. I studied inter-faculty math and science studies (mostly mathematics, some physics with just a pinch of chemistry and biology) at University of Warsaw. In 2016 I finished Masters with specialisation in topology and set theory. My master thesis was in (mathematical) signal processing, and I’ve been under guidance of Computational Biology Group. Then I have done an internship at Google Mountain View where I worked on C data processing pipeline. Came back to Europe to do PhD in computer science at EPFL, where I tried working on physically based rendering only to go back to settle in LCAV. Signal processing led me to Fourier optics and playing with lasers in the Galata Laboratory, but as cool it sounds, I wandered off towards localisation and SLAM. Oh, and I had a break last year, I went for an internship to DeepMind to fold some proteins.In the free time I draw cows for Helvetic Coding Contest :)

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