Example Project

File structure
You can have as many files and subroutes as you need but everything has to be contained inside your project folder.

Style your UI, for example a button, using the following tools (in order of preference).

1. DaisyUI

2. Tailwind

External data

You can query any data from the api and display it. For instance this table with the five most recent publications related to Patrick Jermann:

TitleTypePublished InYear
A Canvas for the Ethical Design of Learning Experiences with Digital ToolsArticle de conférence2022
A Game-Based Approach to Develop Engineering Students’ Awareness About Artificial Intelligence Ethical ChallengesArticle de conférenceProceedings of the 50th Annual Conference of The European Society for Engineering Education. Proceedings: Towards a new future in engineering education, new scenarios that European alliances of tech universities open up2022
Teaching under lockdown: the change in the social practice of teachingArticleHigher Education2022
Designing for impact: a conceptual framework for learning analytics as self-assessment toolsArticleAssessment & Evaluation In Higher Education2019
Impact of a learning analytics dashboard on the practice of students and teachersArticle de conférenceProceedings of SEFI 47th Annual Conference. European Society of Engineering Education. "Varietas delectat...Complexity is the new normality"2019

In addition to your own components, you have access to all internal components

Patrick Jermann
After studies in Geneva (TECFA) and Pittsburgh (LRDC) I joined EPFL in 2003 to coordinate eLearning projects and conduct research in the field of Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL). Starting 2013 I am responsible for MOOCs production at the Center for Digital Education (CEDE).Former Associate Editor for the IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies and former Member of the Editorial Board for the International Journal of Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (iJCSCL). Specialties: Interaction analysis, research methods, statistical methods, prototyping, software development, pedagogical design.

Create a package.json file inside your project folder if you need to install dependencies for your project. Make sure you do not add packages to the root package.json file.

# Change to your project folder
cd src/app/[locale]/projects/my-project
# Create package.json file
npm init
# Install package(s)
npm install chart.js

When publishing your project, include the package.json and package-lock.json files from your project folder.