Eight Treasures

The Eight Treasures (), also known as the Eight Precious Things, are popular symbols often depicted in Chinese art and on Chinese numismatic charms. While technically they may be any subset of the much longer list of the Hundred Treasures, there is a combination that is most popular.

The Wish-granting Pearl (寳珠/宝珠, Bǎozhū) or flaming pearl symbolises the granting of wishes.

The Double Lozenges (方勝/方胜, "Fāngshèng") symbolises happiness in marriage and counteracts maleficent influences.

The Stone Chime (磬, "Qìng") symbolises a just and upright life.

The pair of Rhinoceros Horns (犀角, Xījiǎo) symbolises happiness.

The Double Coins (雙錢/双钱, Shuāngqián) symbolises wealth.

The gold or silver Ingot (錠/锭, Dìng)

The Coral (珊瑚, Shānhú)

The Wish-granting Scepter (如意, Rúyì)

Eight Treasures in art Eight Treasures charms Chinese numismatic charm Chinese Eight Treasures charms (Traditional Chinese: 八寶錢; Simplified Chinese: 八宝钱; Pinyin: bā bǎo qián), also
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